Our skills in service development
to aid your business


Cloud1 Inc mainly focuses on cloud-based platforms and applications as part of a company’s IT-environment.

Our collaboration starts with a review. We sit down with our customer to discuss needs, we analyse and we give suggestions on what should be done. We aid in digital architecture choices, process development and inter-system integration, along the framework of the business.

We are certified with the Microsoft Gold Application integration-competence. The basis for our operations is the Azure-environment and applying it to the IT-solutions of our customers.

Our work has its foundations in agile software development, systematic progress, continuous reporting and continuously combining information in different systems to give our clients a competitive edge.

Throughout the years, we have learned to understand that service development in itself is not a goal for business. The only good outcome is achieved with a user-first attitude, without forgetting the needs of our customer.

Getting ready – The New EU Data Protection Regulation
By adhering to the new data protection legislation, a company can gain significant competitive advantage, especially when used in combination with the efficiency possibilities provided by digital architecture. Many companies discuss the new legislation, but we at Cloud1 offer judicial and data acquisition services, by which the data protection legislation can easily be adopted in your company.

“The changes should be seen as a possibility to move in the right direction, so that personal data processes can be made more efficient. With high-quality information, it is also easier to automate processes ie. for managing user privileges. With better information management you can gain a significant competitive advantage over other actors.–Tommi Turkki, Cloud1

Azure – A platform for success
The eRewenda-service has been built since the beginning of the year, and after the summer holidays it was time to set up a workshop to find different service paths of customers and rewendians, to figure out which services have people as their starting point. The goal for the day was to get a clearer picture of the first page and functions of a user, as well as clarify the different stages of insurance renewal throughout the process.

“We had an intensive and efficient workshop in the inspiring spaces of Cloud1. Thanks to the hosts, we were well on schedule and got clear documentation for the next leg.” –Timo, Project manager for Rewenda.

Case Hobby Hall
Cloud1 Inc develops the E-commerce, postal sales and store service systems of Hobby Hall. By harnessing the data and the information it gives, we provide a means to apply the knowledge into the bigger picture to gain further effectiveness in your business. Cloud1 has helped combine the information from separate systems into a wholly new one, making it easier and faster for the E-store clients and Hobby Hall to find and manage information.

Master Data Management (MDM) and Integrations
Our solution for Basware included Microsoft Master-data management, an SQL-database and a BizTalk-integration platform.

“Customer recognition and understanding was raised to higher heights with MDS and BizTalk. We renewed processes and centered customer data management. This was done by defining the information to be brought to the new system, as well as how it was to be managed in order to maximize usability. Process management and removal of overlapping or concurrent data in different systems brings efficiency. Better customer data management brought new business opportunities and a better understanding of our customers’ needs”, says Antti Kokko, IT-manager at Basware

cloud1 microsoft

The Microsoft companionship programme regularly checks customer references and acquired certificates. We have reached the highest level in system integration, on top of which we have gained the data-side competencies.